Yukari Aoi English


Yukari Aoi

A mother of two from Aichi Prefecture.
After studying in Hawaii, she returned to Japan and established an English school in Nagoya. She moved to the United States again in 1995 and opened the AOI College of Languages. Currently, she accepts more than 1,000 students from all over the world each year.

American Homestay International also operates a homestay business and arranges short-term summer programs and internship programs.
Utilizing his experience in running a language school and homestay business, he has written books such as “You Can Move to America,” “Sail the Wind,” and “A Book that Makes Homestay Fun.”

He is also active as a video producer and has worked on many works with Asahi Hollywood Production. His latest work “The Challenge of Around 40”. Released at Shinjuku K’s Cinema and Yokohama Cinema.
Other directorial works include “The People Who Returned to the Sea” and “Dancing for Life” (L.A. Downtown Film Festival Excellence Award).

I had an eye-opening experience during a homestay in Hawaii that changed my life.
I started working as a homestay because I wanted as many people as possible to have that experience. This is your chance to learn about American culture and practical English. Please experience it.

Operating language school, homestay, film production company

AOI College of Languages

An English school located in Irvine, a suburb of Los Angeles, USA. It is a global school that accepts international students from about 25 countries around the world.

American Homestay international

Irvine is one of the safest cities in the United States and has two beautiful lakes in the center of town. Safe, clean, postcard, beautiful place. How about a homestay in such a beautiful town?

ASAHI Holleywood

A film production company established in 2009. We produce documentary films, corporate commercials/PR videos, and personal introduction videos.